Monday, November 7, 2016

Meet Exec Monday: Jenna

Name: Jenna Jean Davis
Position: Recruitment Chair & Director of Marketing (also low key Book Club President) 
From: Frankfurt, Germany
Fav Color: Black
Fav Animal: My puppy Lily 🐢
Spirit animal: Dolphin or Panther, depends on my mood
Fav Movie: Life of Pi 
Fav Activity: Traveling 🌍
Relationship Status: Accepting applications for future bae (feel free to slide into DMs) πŸ‘©‍❤️‍πŸ‘©
Celeb Crush: Zac Efron 
Guilty Pleasure: Going shopping and trying on every lipstick colour πŸ’‹
Weirdest Thing About Me: When I was little I used to just stand in pots and pans and I thought it was so fun. I would stand there for hours.
Fav thing about CHIO: Standing on the table and screaming during Recruitment and dropping it low on the dance floor with my sisters, my littles, Kaylee, living in and Exec!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Meet Exec Monday: Jacey

Name: Jacelyn Lawson 
Position: Panhellenic Delegate 
From: Hick Town USA
Fav Animal: Elephant 
Spirit Animal: Otter 
Fav Movie: The Fast&Furious Series #hopingtyresegibsonwillmarryme
Fav Color: Black #neverleftthegothstage
Relationship Status: Single AF for WAY TOO Long #plsdateme#mytypeisboyswholikeme
Fav Song: The Fix by Nelly 
Fav Activity: Skiing But Like Also Writing Thank Yous
Fun Fact: I Can't Touch the Bottom of My Own Feet because I Am Deathly Afraid
Fav Holiday: Halloween 
Celeb Crush: Usher, I Will Have Dinner With Him One Day 
Guilty Pleasure: Eating Crunch Wrap Supremes While Lounging in My Hot Pink Juicy Couture Sweatsuit 
Fav Thing About CHIO: Being Surrounded By Women Who Inspire You Just By Who They Are 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Meet Exec Monday: Michelle

Name: Michelle Bui
Position: Secretary & Director of Programming
Fav Animal: Alpacas
Spirit Animal: Jenna thinks I'm a butterfly 
Fav Movie: She's the Man
Fav Color: Pink πŸŽ€
From: Taylorsville, UT
Relationship Status: I gotta hot geed boyf😎
Fav activity: Traveling 🌎
Celebrity crush: Taylor Lautner makes me feel some sorta way πŸ‘…
Weirdest Thing About You: I'm the marketing manager of a one eyed pug named Fetty Pug
Fav Thing About CHIO: The free food. Jk my amazing sistersπŸ’•

Monday, October 10, 2016

Meet Exec Monday: Liz

Name: Liz Reiss
Position: Vice President & Director of Scholarship
From: Park City
Fav Color: Lavender
Fav Animal: Lion 🦁
Spirit Animal: Cat 🐱
If I Was A Farm Animal I Would Be: Piglet 🐽
Fav Movie: PS I Love You
Fav Song: Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks
Fav Holiday: Christmas (& bday Dec. 21)
Fav Activity: Skiing with my fam 🎿
Celeb Crush: James Franco & Gerard Butler 😍
Relationship Status: Single and always ready to mingle 😎
Collection: Snowglobes 
Weirdest Thing About Me: I often hum when I eat
Guilty Pleasure: Not wearing pants
Fun Fact: I bruise super easily plus I’m not graceful πŸ™„
Fav Thing About ChiO: It makes me want to be a better person, lead by example, and love more ❣


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recruitment Video

"The definition of a home is a place where one lives permanently especially as a member of a family or a household. And that's exactly what Chi Omega is, a home. A place to come where you can feel loved and accepted and heard. Not just as an individual but as a sister. Chi Omega is made up of girls who strive towards their individual goals with ferocity. We not only passionately chase our own dreams but constantly challenge our sisters to do the same. Our loyalty is fierce and our determination runs deep. The love we have for eachother sets the bar for the kinds of love we accept in other areas in our lives. Being in Chi Omega pushes us to appreciate knowledge, health, and self-love and going further to extend that love to those around us. We celebrate our sisters accomplishments as if they were our own and bear each others sorrow so no one walks alone. We understand that while we are strongest as a group, it's our differences that set us apart. We stand individually together. Chi Omega is a place for good people, truly genuine women. Our friendship isn't fleeting, it's everlasting. Everything we do is to put more love and good into the world. We are Chi Omega. We are not only sisters of purpose, we're sisters on purpose."


Monday, October 3, 2016

Meet Exec Monday: Ivee

Name: Ivee Barton
Position: President 
Fav animal: My dog Jimmy 
Spirit animal: My dog Jimmy 
Fav Movie: Star Wars 
Fav color: Red, yellow, and orange 
From: Eden, Utah 
Relationship status: In a relationship with my dream boy 😍
Fav activity: Playing with my dog Jimmy 
Guilty Pleasure: Playing sims/video games 
Weirdest thing about me: I am a certified nerd 
Fav thing about chio: My littles & the rest of Exec ❤️❤️❤️


Monday, September 26, 2016

Meet Exec Monday: Kaylee

Name: Kaylee Kiebert
Position: New Member Educator AKA "Mom" 
From: Sandpoint, Idaho
Fav Animal: Elephant
Spirit Animal: Tristan thinks I'm a sloth πŸ˜‘
Fav Movie: Remember the Titans
Fav Color: Purple
Relationship Status: Single/I have a baseball boy idk.
Fav Song: Drops of Jupiter by Train
Fav Activity: Whitewater Rafting
Weirdest Thing About You: I'm deathly allergic to sunflower seeds and I'm not violent but when people wear slides with no socks I wanna punch them in the face...
Fav Thing About ChiO: Jenna